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Our creative team at Sleepy Hollow has been working hard to bring you an ALL NEW HAUNTED FIELD EXPERIENCE for 2019. Dare enter our FIELD for a journey back in time. We open September 28th!

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At Sleepy Hollow Haunted Acres we have three of the best haunted attractions in the Philadelphia area.  We are close to New Jersey and located in the center of Bucks County.  Ride the SLEEPY HOLLOW HAYRIDE on a mile and a quarter trip through acres of dark woods and fields.  Explore the old Malfate Manor also known as THE HOUSE IN THE HOLLOW, quite possibly the most haunted house in Bucks County. Dare to venture into the FIELD OF FRIGHT. Gather with family and friends by the warmth and safety of the BONFIRES with LIVE MUSIC.

REFRESHMENTS are available or you may bring your own but please respect our family friendly policy of NO ALCOHOL.

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ALL NEW EXPERIENCE SINCE 2018!  Discover the secrets of a farm plagued with tragedy. This winding, mile-long hayride will keep you on edge as you encounter burning mines, a gothic graveyard, lawless backlands and a sideshow of the bizarre…among other sites. Beware, ill-fated spirits inhabit these dark woods and fields.

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Quite possibly the most haunted house in Bucks County.  MALFATE MANOR is known by neighborhood children as “The House in the Hollow.” If you can escape the old manor, you still must conquer the expansive graveyard and forbidden crypt.   To get a glimpse of the moldering rooms and passages VIEW VIDEO.

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Do you dare to follow that darkened path through towering cornstalks? If the screams ahead are any indication of what’s to come, keep your loved ones close as you wind through a disorienting trail of horrors.

Sleepy Hollow is open for fourteen nights this Halloween season from 7 PM until 10 PM.  On Sunday or Thursday the last hayride will go out at 9 PM.  Guests who purchase tickets by 10:00 on Friday or Saturday or by 9:00 on Sunday or Thursday will be able to experience all three attractions.  The Haunted House and Field of Fright remain open for guests on the last hayride.



See all of our Halloween attractions for $33.00, or choose any two attractions for $26.00.  Individual attractions are $16.00. We also offer special RIP TICKETS which allow you to save time by going to the front of the general admission line. $2.00 for parking benefits farm preservation.



You can PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE.  Interested in saving money? Check out our BEST DEAL.  Or join our email list and get an ONLINE COUPON.  Check out our list of locations where you can pick up $5.00 OFF COUPONS.

SLEEPY HOLLOW HAUNTED ACRES is located near Newtown PA in the heart of Bucks County.  It is only a twenty minute drive up 95 from Philadelphia and just a few minutes from the PA / NJ border.  Our address is881 Highland Road Newtown PA 18940.


  • This is a working farm with uneven terrain. Proper footwear is a must. No sandals or high heels.
  • NO SMOKING while in lines, on hayride or in attractions.
  • Absolutely NO ALCOHOL.  Coolers will be inspected.
  • Leave valuables in the car. Keep your cell phone secure.
  • Guests who interfere with the safety or enjoyment of others will be asked to leave.           NO REFUNDS.

Pennsylvania has adopted  PATRON RESPONSIBILITY REQUIREMENTS  which require everyone of our guests to obey all RULES AS POSTED FOR THE ATTRACTIONS.