HOW OLD SHOULD YOU BE TO GO IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE?  This is a hard question to answer.  Each year we have kids as young as 6 as well as many seniors who enjoy our house.  But we also have teens and adults who get too frightened to make it all the way through.

With an abundance of imaginative special effects, our house has no need for chainsaws, gore, or violence.  It is fun for all ages…but YOU MUST BE BRAVE! It is definitely SCARY! There are no refunds on tickets.

WHAT IF I BECOME TOO FRIGHTENED?  The haunted house is designed with an exit door in almost every room. So if you become too frightened you may exit at any time and a member of our staff will return you to the land of the living.

DO THEY TOUCH YOU IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE? NO! We absolutely do not touch you in the haunted house.  In return, we request that you do not touch any of our actors or props.

IS IT SCARY?   HaHa!!!!!