Answers to the questions we hear most often.


IS THIS A REAL FARM? Yes this is a real working farm.  So expect a little dirt, and no high heel shoes or sandals, please.  Surrounded by fields or corn….gather with friends and family near the warmth of our bonfires.  A perfect place to celebrate the Halloween season.

DO YOU HAVE SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS FOR GROUPS? Scout groups, schools, sports teams and clubs can get special rates.  Or just get a group of your friends or work associates together.  The more people the more fun!  Groups get preferential treatment.  Call 215-860-6855 for more information or to make arrangements.

HOW CAN I AVOID SPENDING TIME WAITING IN LINES? There are several ways to avoid lines.  Visit us during the first two weekends in October or on Sunday or Thursday. (Check dates for 2017)  These days tend to be less crowded.

You may purchase tickets online which allows you to use our quick scan window to enter the farm.

Also RIP tickets are available which allow you to go to the front of the general admission line for any attraction.

MAY WE BRING OUR OWN REFRESHMENTS? Yes, you may bring your own snacks. For your convenience we have a variety of refreshments available.  We even have kits for you to make your own s’mores at our bonfires.  Remember: NO ALCOHOL.

WHAT FORMS OF PAYMENT DO YOU ACCEPT?  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We only accept checks when special arrangements are made in advance.

DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL DEALS?  Experience ALL THREE ATTRACTIONS for the PRICE OF TWO. All three attractions for $26.  GOOD ONLY SEPT. 28, OCT. 24 and 27.  For this deal take a screenshot of this ad and bring a copy to ticket booth or show on your phone.  To order online use code 3FOR2.

HOW CAN I WORK AT SLEEPY HOLLOW? There are many of us who have been getting together for years to work at Sleepy Hollow.  It is like an extended family.  We also welcome new help.

To work with us at the hayride or field contact us at:

To work with us at the haunted house contact us at:


HOW LONG IS THE HAYRIDE? We have one of the longest hayrides with a trail of over 1 1/4 miles which meanders through acres of haunted woods and fields. The ride in a real hay wagon lasts over 35 minutes.

IF WE HAVE A LARGE GROUP CAN WE ALL RIDE TOGETHER ON THE SAME WAGON?  Yes, you may all ride together.  Unless of course your group is too large to all fit on one wagon.  Then we will get your group on the very next wagon.


HOW OLD SHOULD YOU BE TO GO IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE?  This is a hard question to answer.  Each year we have kids as young as 6 as well as many seniors who enjoy our house.  But we also have teens and adults who get too frightened to make it all the way through.

With an abundance of imaginative special effects, our house has no need for chainsaws, gore, or violence.  It is fun for all ages…but YOU MUST BE BRAVE! It is definitely SCARY! There are no refunds on tickets.

WHAT IF I BECOME TOO FRIGHTENED?  The haunted house is designed with an exit door in almost every room. So if you become too frightened you may exit at any time and a member of our staff will return you to the land of the living.

DO THEY TOUCH YOU IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE? NO! We absolutely do not touch you in the haunted house.  In return, we request that you do not touch any of our actors or props.

IS IT SCARY?   HaHa!!!!!